Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spawned the same day. One more lefty site and one more righty site, but they're better funded. In fact, it's brought to you by the fine folks at Gawker, who fund Jeff Jarvis, Wonkette and assorted other "internet enterprises". On my first visit, I found out that tens of thousands of Iraqi Shi'ites want the Great Satan outta there with an accompanying graphic showing GWB sporting horns and fangs.

Unlike portapundit, I don't think subtlety is one of the goals of the editors at sploid. This is supposed to be yet another Drudge toppler.

One of the greatest things Republicans have going for them is the unwavering belief of the left that all they have to do is just say the same things louder and more often and in more ways and all the "little people" will come back to them. They simply don't understand the Democrat reality of the second half of the 20th century is over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you really think Jeff Jarvis of -- you know, the Conde Nast / Newhouse / Advance huge publishing company that puts out the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, dozens of major newspapers in the USA, etc., -- blogs for Nick Denton's Gawker? Have you ever heard of people ... oh, I dunno, blogging because that's what they like to do for fun? You know, like you? Check your facts a bit, and it will make you sound that much smarter.

A technorati link brought me to your site. And this kind of half-ass sloppy junk will ensure I won't return to your site. At some point, you "liberal" or "conservative" bloggers will have to learn that you still have to be at least halfway correct now & then.

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